Approved Fire Door

Installers Scheme


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The Approved Fire Door Installation Scheme (AFDIS)© was introduced to ensure that installers fully understand and appreciate the critical role fire door and fire door sets play in the fire compartmentation of a building, and how this relates to and supports the fire strategy and emergency evacuation plan.

Previously, highly skilled and qualified joiners were found to be without the in-depth knowledge and training necessary to install all of the crucial components of fire doors and fire door sets.


In addition, the majority of the qualified joiners had little or no knowledge of fire safety law, the requirements of a ‘competent person’ identified under the ‘fire safety order’, and the terms ‘suitable and sufficient’, ‘fit for purpose’ and ‘due diligence’. There was also a distinct lack of knowledge on codes of practice and technical standards.      


It was recognised that a ‘qualified joiner’s’ knowledge on fire stopping and compartmentation was limited. They were misinformed on both techniques and product suitability which would ensure full compliance with codes of practice, and indeed the requirements for precise engineered smoke-stopping capabilities of doors and frames in a range of buildings, where either ‘delayed evacuation’, ‘stay put’ or ‘phased horizontal evacuation’ (PHE) are included as part of the buildings fire strategy and emergency plan. This specialist knowledge, training and ultimate experience are an absolute essential requirement when proving ‘competence’ and ‘due diligence’ under the Fire Safety Order.


FireQuest (trading as Just Fire Doors) has been operating an ‘Approved Fire Door Installers Scheme’ (AFDIS)© since 2009. The scheme has proven to be successful in maintaining high quality standards on a significant number of projects throughout the UK.