Fire Safety In Hotels - A Complete Guide

Fire Safety in hotels

Here is our guide to ensuring you're taking the correct measures to ensure you're fire safe.

  • ALL hotels, whatever their size, MUST complete and maintain an up to Fire Safety In Hotelsdate Fire Risk Assessment. Risk Assessments should be an ongoing event and all risks that are highlighted MUST be dealt with as a priority as soon as possible.
  • Fire Training for ALL staff is essential to ensure the hotel has correct emergency procedures in place in the event of a fire. Every member of staff should know all escape routes, understand what to do in the event of an emergency and identify and report any fire risks found throughout the hotel.
  • Ensure that there is a clear Fire Strategy including Emergency Evacuation Plan in the event of a fire and ensure every member of staff is aware of this and that members of the public staying at the hotel are also aware of this. i.e. posters in rooms/on back of doors, relevant information displayed in the reception area.
  • Fire Doors should be maintained and monitored by staff to ensure that they are in a good condition and that there are no gaps and cracks in the door, as a damaged fire door will not stop smoke and flames passing. Fire Laminate Fire DoorsDoors must also be kept shut and not wedged open, if a fire door requires to be left open daily this should only be done so by using fire safe product, such as a Dorgard, as this will prop open the door and then in the event of a fire, when the fire alarm sounds, the Dorgard will operate the alarm and the door will then be released and shut accordingly.
  • Fire Safety Products should also be maintained and in date. Things such as Fire Extinguishers, Fire Blankets and Fire Alarms are essential products to have. Also ensure that Fire Alarms are tested on a regular basis as if they are battery operated they could run out and you would not know.

What are common fire safety issues found in Hotels?

  • Ill-fitting doors in frames
  • Damaged fire doors
  • Fire and smoke seals in poor condition
  • Fire doors wedged open

What are the penalties?

The penalty in the magistrates court is an unlimited fine and the person responsible for the fire safety will be prosecuted as an individual, not as a company.