Fire Investigation

Our Fire Investigation Officers are highly qualified and competent individuals who have served many years within the Fire Service, attending a variety of incidents. They are now available for on-site investigations, insurance claims and third-party expert witnesses in any court hearing. They can provide statements, offer advice, and they always provide a detailed and exacting report for any incident where the cause of a fire is unknown. 

This service is provided by consultants with experience working within a Local Authority Fire Service at senior officer level. They have been trained by the Fire Service and related professionals to an advanced level, have carried out numerous fire investigations, and are fully conversant with all aspects of the investigation process, including: 


  • - Identifying the seat of the fire
  • - Determining the most likely cause.
  • - Awareness of fire service procedures and fire-fighting actions
  • - Liaison with police and scene of crime officers [where applicable]
  • - Liaison with forensic scientists [where applicable]
  • - Note-taking
  • - Photographing the scene
  • - Evidence sampling
  • - Interviewing and production of statements
  • - Compilation of reports
  • - Courtroom procedures including "expert witness"* testimony [where applicable]


Upon request we can provide any one of the above services or carry out a full investigation of any fire related occurrence. Any full investigation will be followed by the production of a detailed report, together with any necessary recommendations. 

*It should be noted that determination of an "expert witness" is for the court to decide based upon the qualifications and experience of the investigator.