Fire Door Survey

Fire Door Survey

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Saving lives and property. Fire Doors have a crucial role to play and are an integral part of your building overall fire protection system. This makes the operation of a fire door a key component to the compartmentalisation of a building to stop spread of deadly fire, smoke and toxic fumes.

Throughout a fire door inspection technicians will inspect and report on all components of the fire door assembly which include:

  • Door leaf
  • Door Frame
  • Door Closer
  • Hinges
  • Intumescent door strips and cold smoke seals
  • Holding open devices
  • Door and threshold gaps
  • Glazing
  • Locks and levers/handles
  • Fire safety signage

Once you have your Survey, you have a choice of going to the open market to source what has been recommended or you can utilise the in-house ability and experience of Fire Quest and our suppliers to manufacture the Doors to meet the Survey. Using our in house services for Survey and manufacture ensures you get what is required to meet the criteria and this is supplied, installed and importantly covered by warranty.

£350 up to 20 doors then £10 a door after this plus VAT.

£450 up to 20 doors then £10 a door after this plus VAT.

*Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Surrounding British Isles at special request do to cost, distance and time.*

*All prices exclude VAT.